Weddings & Vow Renewals

Signing Wedding Register in Edinburgh Scottish Castle Wedding Ceremony Handfasting Wedding on Scottish Beach

Huge congratulations on your engagement!

Once you have your date and venue, it’s time to get someone to actually conduct your wedding – otherwise it’s just a great big party!

Or perhaps you are wanting to renew your vows, reinforce promises that were made many years ago and celebrate your relationship in a way that is entirely yours.

We are so lucky in Scotland because Humanist ceremonies are fully legal

They can take place literally anywhere – so long as you have the landowners’ permission. Whether it’s a jam-packed ceremony in a grand ancient castle, or a tiny elopements in hiking boots on a freezing beach, you can have a ceremony that really embodies what you are both about and how you wish to celebrate your love.

Since the ceremonies I conduct are fully legal, you don’t have to arrange a separate ceremony in the registry office on another date.

Unique and personal

You have complete flexibility in the content of the ceremony. You can include your family, friends, children or even your pets. Or perhaps you would rather keep things simple and stripped-back. Either way, it’ll be entirely personal to you.

Scottish history has provided some amazing traditions and I can help to guide you through symbolic gestures, such as handfastings. But I also love to hear your crazy ideas, and can help to create your own traditions which fully embody what you are about!

What’s involved

  • Get in touch to find out if I’m available on your date or to ask any questions you might have
  • Meet up for a chat. It’s really informal, but gives me a chance to find out all about the two of you and what you’d like for your ceremony
  • I would create a totally unique first draft of the ceremony and send it to you
  • Make as many changes as you like in the run up to your wedding date, until you feel it is exactly right for you both
  • Assistance to guide you through the legal process and paperwork (for weddings)
  • I’m always on hand for any questions, bits of advice or wedding niggles you might have
  • I would deliver the ceremony on the day – and by the end of it you’ll be legally married!
  • Then off you go to celebrate!

The cost is £425 for a wedding and £300 for a vow renewal.

  • This includes 100 miles of travel (additional travel rates set at 50p per mile)
  • No additional fees to join an organisation

Fees are expressly for the preparation, planning and personalisation of your script prior to the ceremony. The ceremony is conducted and marriage solemnised without further charge and not for profit or gain.