You've decided to get married - it's so exciting!

Humanist Celebrant Scotland Outdoor Woodland Wedding

Once you have your date and venue (or location), then it's time to plan your ceremony – and make it the keystone of your day.

Ceremonies can take place literally anywhere – so long as you have the landowner's permission. Whether it's a jam-packed ceremony in a grand ancient castle, or a tiny elopement in hiking boots on a freezing beach, you can have a ceremony that really embodies what you are both about and how you wish to celebrate your love.

I am licensed to conduct legal ceremonies, so you don't have to arrange a separate ceremony in the registrar's office on another date.

What is included in a Humanist Ceremony?

Traditional Scottish Handfasting Ceremony on the Beach

You have complete flexibility in the content of your ceremony. You might already have a clear idea of what you'd like to include... You might have no ideas at all. I'm here to help with this, talk through ideas, and give inspiration, so you can figure out what suits you best.

I can explain symbolic gestures such as handfastings. Give you inspiration on different ways to involve family members. Ways that you can add in beautiful (or sometimes hilarious) surprise moments for each other. Guidance on writing your vows. Whatever we put together, it'll be entirely yours.

What's involved

Edinburgh Humanist Celebrant
  • Get in touch to find out if I'm available on your date or to ask any questions you might have
  • We can arrange chat over Zoom. It's really informal, but gives me a chance to find out all about the two of you and what you'd like for your ceremony
  • I'll then create a totally unique first draft of the ceremony and send it to you
  • It is your ceremony, not mine, so we can change the script until you feel it is exactly right for you both
  • I'll guide you through the legal process and paperwork
  • You can give me a shout anytime with any questions, bits of advice or wedding niggles you might have
  • I would deliver the ceremony on the day – and by the end of it you'll be legally married!

The cost for a legal wedding is £450

  • Mileage is charged at 50p per mile (traveling from Edinburgh)
  • No additional fees to join an organisation

Please note, this doesn't include the fee for processing and registering your paperwork with the local registrar's office. See my Getting Married in Scotland page for more information.

Fees are expressly for the preparation, planning and personalisation of your script prior to the ceremony. The ceremony is conducted and marriage solemnised without further charge and not for profit or gain.