About Me

A Humanist Celebrant Beach Wedding in Lothian Edinburgh

I grew up in rural Dumfriesshire and have spent my adult life living between Glasgow and Edinburgh. I absolutely love that I get the best of both worlds as a Humanist Celebrant - exploring cities and countryside all across Scotland. One day I could be conducting a ceremony in a city-centre art-space and the next, out in my hiking boots in the beautiful Scottish wild.

I became a Humanist by accident. After speaking at the funeral of a close family member, I realised the gravity of telling someone's story and the happiness that can come from sharing it with those closest to them, despite the far-from-happy circumstances. That night I decided I wanted to become a Humanist Celebrant.

A little about me:

  • I have had various jobs before becoming a celebrant – from phlebotomist to science communicator (where I realised that if I can stand in front of 100 high-school kids and be passionate about science, then I can do any kind of public speaking)
  • When I became a celebrant, I decided to use my proper name Kathryn to sound more formal and professional, but most of my pals call me Kat. Either is grand.
  • I love baking and I'm a bit sourdough-obsessed!
  • My favourite authors are Margaret Atwood and Philip Pullman - I don't know how many times I've read Northern Lights.
  • I'm happiest when outside somewhere with a beautiful view, some good company, a flask of tea and good snacks.