Other Ceremonies

I'm available for a range of ceremonies to celebrate the important moments in your life

Beach Wedding East Lothian

Vow renewals and affirmations

A vow renewal can be a beautiful way to reinforce promises that were made many years ago and celebrate your relationship in a way that is entirely yours. Reflect on all that you have faced and accomplished together, share your tales and celebrate all that you have in your marriage.

Perhaps, because of the pandemic, you have had a smaller legal ceremony, and are now planning a party to celebrate. You could include a ceremony as part of this day. Although you wouldn't exchange legal vows, you can share your story with your family and friends, include symbolic gestures or readings, and exchange personal vows and rings.

Humanist Ceremony on Fife Beach

Naming ceremonies and adoption ceremonies

A naming ceremony is a wonderful way to get your family together, introduce your child to those who will form the community within which they will grow and celebrate this in a non-religious way.

Naming ceremonies can take place anywhere; whether it's in a venue, your favourite beach or in your own garden.

They aren't simply reserved for babies. Small children come with a host of fun stories to share. You could even have a combined ceremony, for all your children. It can also be a fantastic way of welcoming an adopted child into the family.

You have full flexibility over the content of the ceremony, telling any stories you wish, sharing thoughts from older siblings or naming guide parents. You can include symbolic gestures, such as planting a tree or making memory boxes for when the child is older.

Humanist Baby Naming Ceremony

Civil Partnerships

From June 2021, civil partnerships are available to both same-sex and mixed-sex couples. For some, marriage may not feel like the right option for them. A civil partnership provides you with legal rights as a couple, the same as you would have in marriage.

Please note, Civil Partnerships require an additional fee to be paid to your local registrar's office for them to process and register your paperwork. See my Getting Married in Scotland page for more information.

Civil Partnerships in Scotland

Prices for ceremonies

  • Vow renewal or non-legal wedding - £350
  • Naming or adoption ceremony - £200
  • Civil partnership - £450

Mileage is charged at 50p per mile (traveling from Edinburgh)