Humanist Wedding Ceremony at Midlothian, Edinburgh Independent Humanist Ceremonies Wedding Fayre Handfasting - Scottish Traditional Celtic Craft

Humanism is an outlook which states that people can live good, moral lives without rules set by religion or superstition. Question the world around you, trust your own moral compass and find happiness in the things that are important to you and those around you.

Humanist ceremonies provide the opportunity for people to have a ceremony that reflects what is important to them, celebrate what they value most, and not feel the need to include traditions for traditions-sake.

I'm a member of Independent Humanist Ceremonies, a group of amazing celebrants (and all round lovely people). We promote the values of Humanism, make annual donations to Scottish charities and have a strong belief in equality for all people. Love is love – celebrate it your way.

Through Independent Humanist Ceremonies I'm fully insured and registered with the General Registrar of Scotland to provide legal wedding ceremonies across Scotland.