Naming Ceremonies

Wee Boys Big Day - Naming Ceremony Naming Ceremony - Family Celebration Naming Ceremony on Scottish Beach

A new addition to your family is absolutely something worth celebrating!

A naming ceremony is a wonderful way to get your family together, introduce your child to those who will form the community within which they will grow and celebrate this in a non-religious way.

Naming ceremonies can take place anywhere; whether it’s in a venue, your favourite beach or in your own garden.

They aren’t simply reserved for babies. Small children come with a host of fun stories to share. You could even have a combined ceremony, for all your children. It can also be a fantastic way of welcoming an adopted child into the family.

You have full flexibility over the content of the ceremony, telling any stories you wish, sharing thoughts from older siblings or naming guide parents. You can include symbolic gestures, such as planting a tree or making memory boxes for when the child is older.

What’s involved

  • Get in touch to find out if I’m available on your date or ask any questions you might have
  • Meet up for a chat (with or without the little ones). It’s really informal but gives me a chance to find out all about your family and what you’d like for your ceremony
  • I would create a totally unique first draft of the ceremony and send it to you
  • Unlimited revisions of the script, until we have it just right
  • I’m always on hand for any questions or to give you tips if you need it
  • Delivering the ceremony on the day

The cost is £200 for a naming ceremony.

  • This includes 100 miles of travel (additional travel rates set at 50p per mile).
  • There are no additional fees, such as joining an organisation.